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Fresh Grocery & Home Service

Curated high quality fruits & vegetables as well as other grocery stuffs. Empowering local Bali businesses, employing hundreds of Balinese supply-chain providers, including farmers.

Daily Fresh & Grocery

Healthy Gut products made in Bali. Tempe Drink, Tempe Protein Bar, Fermented F&B, etc. Your purchases will help hundreds of low-income families that involved in production-chain.

Healthy Gut Products

Cleaning Service for House Cleaning, Air Conditioner, Pool, Garden, Roof, etc. Professionally curated with safety standard equipment and procedure.

House Cleaning

Trained & Educated Car Driver, Butler, Nanny, Medical Assistant, and Daily Life Helper.

Life Assistance

Travel & Accomodation

Smart Planner will help you optimizing your travelling plan based on your Budget and Preferences. We'll help you by takingcare all the details, so you don't have to worry about running out the budget.

Smart Planner

Deal Package offers tens of choice of travel-all-in-one packages, that might suitable to your travelling "theme". From simple casual holiday, to spiritual enlightening journey, you can customized some of the detail as well. Check it out regularly.

Deal Package

Thousands of Hotel and Villa around the Island. Get the voucher and find the best offer, even with the late hour booking. We're connected with Airbnb Network.

Hotel & Villa

Hire on-demand personel : travel guide, caretaker, therapist, nurse, handyman, reparation specialist, etc. Everyperson you need to guarantee your peace-of-mind while travelling in the Island.

Travel Helper

You ask, we deliver. Rent a vehicle (with or without driver). Booking scheduled pick-up or drop-off taxi. Everything you need to ensure your day-to-day transport as easy as waking up in the morning.

Transport Service

Explore thousands of experience throughout the Island. From Enlightening booze party, nature, cultural, sport, spiritual, healing, to anything pops-out on your mind while making up your day. Not find anything you looking for? Just ask us, we'll find it for you.


If unfortunately you get severe COVID symptoms, accident, illness, abuse or even life threatening emergency, you can count on us providing professionally trained "caretaker".

Health & Safety Protection

Deciding to retire in Bali? We could provide all-in-one assistance for you. The Island welcoming you to embrace its spiritual atmosphere. Even we'll taking good care for your final moment in this universe through outstanding obituary.

Retirement In Bali

Business & Assistance

No more stressed-out, operate your global worldwide business, from Bali : establishing company in Bali, getting any kind of Visa, ensuring indonesia tax compliance, conducting due dilligence and risk mitigation, staff recruiting. Anything you need to ease your burden (and budget), we can handle all for you at efficient and affordable cost.

Business & Legal Service

Want to start you business or startup from Bali? We can assist you from A-to-Z. We'll help you to connect to the right ecosystem with effective budget and outstanding result. Start generating revenue and sustainable business operation with our assistance.

Start Business In Bali

Living your life as Digital Nomad? We can help you to have sustainable long-term living in this Island. From finding cost-effective co-living space, cooking healthy meal daily, to paying the tax as part of your obligation.

Digital Nomad Service

Let us help you "matching" with Personal Assistant that suitable to your need and "type". Don't let the disharmony of vibration disrupt your business, work, or even your zen-mode life.

Personal Assistants

High quality commodities of Bali and Indonesia. Powered by Bali Export Hub.

Bali Export Hub

Want to buy real estate in Bali? Or build a new one? We can provide you : land and real estate lists, architectural design, real estate contractor and civil engineering. From simple house, villa, to exotic resort, we have curated network of experienced team in any real estate services.

Real Estate Service

Need trusted corporate entity to manage and guard your tangible / intangible assets while you away from Bali? We guarantee your peace-of-mind by looking after your assets here in Bali, as well as help supervising your employee and periodically auditing your ongoing project, company or any business activity.

Assets Management

We can help acquisition process of any kind of properties you want to possess : luxurious vehicle, promising local business, exotic beachfront land lease, etc. And not just that, we also can help you to make those properties becoming revenue stream of income.

Properties Acquisition

Digital Agency

We're good at doing pressurizing hard work, even with tight budget. And we believe, Digital Marketing is one of them. Not only we'll help you make the most of your budget through various omni ads channel, we can also help you building "brick by brick" of digital presence.

Digital Marketing

Not all digital strategy build upon sponsored ads, some strategy needs to be build among the crowd, netizen of the world wide web. And we're more than able to help you through our viral promoter platform.

Viral Promoter & Campaign

Our creative creator service will help you to connect with hundreds of talented digital artist, photographer, writer, designer, animator, etc. With the tranquility of Bali, our creative creator ready to deliver astounding result for you.

Creative Creator

Having us as your partner on developing website or app, you can be sure that we passionate to deliver dedicated effort and result. Because we're in Bali, the place where we can work as hard as possible and recharge our mental energy as fast as possible. The Island keep us in optimum state of energy, every single day.

Website & App Development

Blockhain, Coin, Token, NFT, Smart Contract, you name it, we can develop it. Even better, your crypto will be part of this island tech ecosystem. And the best of all : we're here in Bali for the rest of our life, so yes, you can be sure that your Crypto project won't be abandoned. Do you have dying crypto project? Make it reborn with us.

Blockchain Crypto Service

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